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Carefully chosen, the range of motorcycles offered meets the traffic conditions of the country and group riding safely. For those who want to discover Japan with more freedom, with your spouse or with a couple of friends, we can offer you other models of motorcycle than presented below.

You want to go with your friends or with your motorcycle club, book your trip now for a date at your convenience.

The list of available motorcycles is scalable without notice.

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  • BMW
  • Harley-Davidson
  • Honda
  • Indian
  • Kawasaki
  • Royal Enfield
  • Suzuki
  • Triumph
  • Yamaha
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  • Touring
  • Vintage
  • Road
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  • C1 (-1000CC)
  • C2 (+1000CC)
Saddle height (mm)
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  • 650
  • 660
  • 670
  • 690
  • 705
  • 710
  • 715
  • 745
  • 750
  • 755
  • 760
  • 775
  • 780
  • 785
  • 790
  • 795
  • 800
  • 805
  • 810
  • 820
  • 830
  • 840
  • 845
  • 850
  • 860
  • 870

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Our motorcycles

A motorcycle is a two-wheeled motor vehicle, powered by a combustion engine, but also, in recent years, by an electric battery. It is also known as a motorcycle or according to your membership in one or the other community, under various names still like, bike, bike, mount, brêle, bike. Motorcycles are popular around the world and are an integral part of automotive culture. Motorcycles are widely used for personal transport, leisure and motor sports and … motorcycle tourism.

Even if riding a motorcycle may seem simple, for some bikers it is not the case, what is more when you ride with two and the motorcycle is more or less heavy or high. Riding safely as a couple on a motorcycle requires effective coordination between the rider and the passenger.

Before boarding, it is recommended that the passenger ensure a good verbal and gestural receptivity. Why not stand on the pilot’s support foot? Grab his shoulder or upper arm to mark your intention and wait for his agreement.

Choosing a motorcycle that reflects your image and that suits you requires the consideration of several factors such as, your experience as a motorcyclist, your driving style, your size, your build, but also your budget for purchase and maintenance. For example, don’t choose a bike that is too heavy for winding tracks or a bike that is too light for long distances. Choosing the right bike is a personal decision, so make sure it meets your individual needs and preferences.

Regular maintenance of your motorcycle is essential and helps maintain its performance and longevity. Moreover, and certainly most importantly, your safety will not be questioned. If you do not have the mechanical or electrical experience or knowledge, it may be relevant to entrust this work to a professional. Regular maintenance not only to the safety and performance of your motorcycle, but also to extend its service life. At the bare minimum, regularly check the oil level, the condition of your tyres, the level of wear of your brake pads, the tension and the condition of your transmission chain if your motorcycle is equipped, the operation of the signaling.

The weight and height of the saddle are probably among the most important characteristics when choosing a motorcycle, because they influence its maneuverability. Intrinsically, these two characteristics are therefore related to the use of the motorcycle, the size of the rider and his build.

The dangers of a motorcycle unsuitable for the driver are rarely felt when the motorcycle is in the normal rolling phase, but during maneuvers and when stopped. A rider who is comfortable on his bike should be able to put both feet flat on the ground and be able to firmly hold the handles with his arms extended and his back straightened.

Just like the seat height and weight of the motorcycle, it is important to note that the turning radius also has an important aspect of the handling of a motorcycle. A small turning radius will benefit you during the slow driving phases and during maneuvers. Choosing a motorcycle with a large turning radius allows you on narrow roads to turn around in one go. However, be careful, to avoid the fall at “the stop” the greater the radius, the lower the manoeuvring speed must be.

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