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To the tune of familiar sounds, in the heart of a vast land of welcome, set your sights on the natural spaces. Mauricie, Laurentides, Lanaudière, Gaspésie, Appalaches are among the most beautiful national parks, both terrestrial and maritime, in Quebec.

In the shadow of Indigenous memories, amidst the wild fauna, and far from the social hierarchy where informal address and tolerance are ways of life, let yourself be amazed by the most beautiful symbols of our North American cousins.

And what if we talked about it on the “grosse dent” (slang for “big tooth” or colloquially, a big rock or mountain)?

Hello Quebec


 18 days
 – 16 nights


 3250 km


 15 days

Our motorcycle road trip in Canada

To the tune of familiar sounds, in the heart of a vast land of welcome, set your sights on the natural spaces. Mauricie, Laurentides, Lanaudière, Gaspésie, Appalaches are among the most beautiful national parks, both terrestrial and maritime, in Quebec.

In the shadow of Indigenous memories, amidst the wild fauna, and far from the social hierarchy where informal address and tolerance are ways of life, let yourself be amazed by the most beautiful symbols of our North American cousins.

And what if we talked about it on the “grosse dent” (slang for “big tooth” or colloquially, a big rock or mountain)?

  • When to go on a motorcycle trip in Canada, in Quebec?

    Canada is truly an immense country! It spans over a latitude of more than 4,600 km and a longitude of over 5,500 km across six time zones. This means that travel conditions, whether by motorcycle or otherwise, vary considerably from one region to another. Given its latitude, unless you’re a fan of motorcycle road trips in extreme cold, the tourist seasons are significantly limited. In Canada, from October to April, some accommodations and restaurants are even completely closed, as travel by motorcycle, on foot, by car, by bus, etc., are unsuitable. Yet, many cities in the country are situated on the same latitude as France.

    Given the specific destination we currently offer in Canada, we focus on the Eastern part of the country, particularly Quebec, which, contrary to what some say, is a province and not a country.

    Like in Europe, with some temperature variations, the year in Canada is divided into four seasons similar to those we are familiar with.

    The Arrival of Spring in Canada

    The arrival of spring marks a significant event in the lives of the population. Despite lingering chilliness, the awakening of nature is celebrated in grand style around immense tables in the sugar bushes, with the famous maple taffy enjoyed after meals.

    Summer in Canada

    In summer, tourist activity is at its peak. It’s the season of festivals, outdoor events, and water activities. While temperatures can be high, it’s not uncommon to be surprised by rain. However, be aware that accommodations are often fully booked up to 6 months in advance.

    The Canadian Fall and its Vibrant Colors

    In Quebec, as in Canada overall, fall is famous for its vibrant colors. It’s already by mid-September that maple leaves adorn themselves with bright colors. The season is ideal for hiking, apple picking, and tasting local products. It’s the time of Indian summer, but beware, the chilliness advances rapidly as the evening arrives.

    The Harsh Winters of Canada

    In winter, it’s generally preferable to stay indoors as temperatures can drop significantly. Blizzard, which can drop temperatures to -40°C, doesn’t help with travel arrangements. It’s also the time for snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and experiencing the pleasures of the Far North on a dog sled. Snowfalls are abundant, the sky opens up to wonderful northern lights; lovers of magical winters will be delighted.

    In practice, Quebecers often contrast summer with winter, the only two seasons they claim to know.

  • Air Moto Tours, your motorcycle travel agency in Canada and Quebec

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  • Why go on a "Motorcycle Trip" to Canada, to Quebec?

    Wanting to go on a motorcycle road trip in Quebec has its roots in various personal origins. Each individual has their own reasons, but this journey will be, for everyone, a great learning experience. And besides, it’s known that the grass is always greener on the other side, isn’t it?

    Wanting to travel to Quebec probably finds some of its origins in the eventful history of New France. Stepped on for the first time by our ancestors, Quebec has 400 years of exciting and poignant stories to tell us, from the day of the first encounter with the Indigenous people, to its political and economic formation today, including its gastronomy, all the way to the latest juicy anecdote, often overlooked, involving Harry and Meghan.

    Even today, a part of Canada, especially Quebec, proudly displays the language of our native land, France. Could it be more of a family trip than a different culture or a favorable exchange rate that attracts us? With nearly 9 million Francophones across Canada, including approximately 85% in Quebec, you will never be lost for long. Traveling in a country where the same language is spoken is rather reassuring when embarking on a motorcycle trip.

    Briefly, here are a few other reasons to want to travel by motorcycle in Canada and Quebec:

    • A melodious intonation and accent, full of poetry like you’ve never heard in France.
    • A welcoming, warm, and smiling “country” with, nonetheless, character traits resembling their winter.
    • On the shores of the Saint Lawrence River, whales almost within reach and a multitude of other activities for young and old.
    • A plethora of festivals that animate the calendar throughout the year, during which you can experience music, historical costumes, alongside the Inuit and Indigenous peoples, or understand how deeply rooted the French heritage is in Quebec.

    Are your bags ready for a motorcycle road trip in Canada and Quebec?

  • The landscapes during your road trip in Canada and Quebec

    Canada is a vast and rugged land, ranking as the second-largest country in the world. One can distinguish three main types of landscapes among which only two are suitable for motorcycle road trips, unless you consider snowmobiling as an appropriate means for a road trip and enjoy extreme cold.

    The Mountains of the Canadian West Coast

    In the far west, along the North Pacific Ocean, where the cities of Vancouver and Calgary are located, the dominant landscapes consist of majestic mountains whose peaks can be covered with perpetual snow, and, reminiscent of postcards, fast-flowing rivers and lakes with turquoise waters. Known as the “Rockies,” this mountainous region constitutes the eastern part of the Cordillera, which stretches from southern Yukon, crosses the United States, to the Gulf of Mexico. In this part of the Canadian Rocky Mountain front range, one will find the Columbia Mountains, which rise to over 3,000 meters in altitude. Further west, as one traverses a vast region of mountains and interior plateaus, approaching the coastal regions, the landscapes transform into spectacular fjords and steep cliffs.

    The Lakes and Marshes of the Canadian North

    To the north, the territories of Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut, bathe in the Arctic Ocean. These regions form the Canadian Shield and are characterized by rolling, wooded or non-wooded terrain, with a multitude of lakes and marshes whose altitudes rarely exceed 600 meters. This region, also known as the “Precambrian Shield,” occupies about half of the country’s total area and is centered on Hudson Bay. Access is rather limited, and it’s probably not where your motorcycle road trip will take you.

    The Southwest of the Canadian Shield

    The perimeter of the Canadian Shield, towards the south and west, is formed of vast lowlands resting on sedimentary rocks and constitutes the interior or western plains commonly known as the prairies. Intersected by low hills and flat-bottomed valleys, the provinces of Manitoba and Ontario mark a border with the Great Lakes, the Niagara Falls rift, and the shores of the St. Lawrence. Less rugged than in the West and much more hospitable than in the North, the landscapes are more undulating, and thanks to the St. Lawrence River, the lands are immensely fertile and highly cultivated. We are in Quebec, the land of our ancestors. With the exception of three mountain plateaus, the Appalachians near the United States, the Gaspé Peninsula, and Jacques Cartier National Park in the Charlevoix region, we are here in the presence of vast plains, coastlines, and riverbanks.

  • The itineraries for our motorcycle trip in Canada

    Montreal on our motorcycle itinerary

    Montreal enjoys a precious treasure; that of its recent past, which, day by day, saw this magnificent capital of the French-speaking world rise from the ground. Old Montreal brilliantly rubs shoulders with the new districts whose futuristic architecture will not leave you indifferent. From buildings with old stones to centuries-old churches and cobblestone streets flanked amidst glass towers, they create an absolutely serene and unique atmosphere. This is especially the case in the neighborhood called Ville-Marie, declared a historic district as early as 1964 and at the heart of which stands the Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal. On foot or on a motorcycle, you won’t be able to resist visiting Mount Royal. These were precisely the words Jacques Cartier uttered when he first set foot on this promontory in 1535, “Royal.” Today, with just the touch of your fingertips, you’ll feel like you can touch history and the glass buildings below. Montreal lives to the rhythm of its artistic, musical, and gastronomic scenes, its Chinatown, and its population that actively contributed to the city’s construction in the 1930s. Its cultural diversity is impressive, and it will be easy for you to live, during your escapade in Montreal, whether on foot, by bike, or on a motorcycle, your French American dream.

    Gaspésie on our motorcycle itinerary

    Known and recognized for its winding, picturesque, and spectacular coastal roads, Gaspésie is, and remains, the motorcycle route not to be missed under any circumstances during a motorcycle road trip in Quebec. Venturing out on a motorcycle in Gaspésie for 3 days is considered a mandatory rite of passage to join the community of new Quebec motorcyclists. Whether it’s the road network around Chaleur Bay or the south shore of the Saint Lawrence, the routes around the Chic-Chocs Mountains are bucolic. To take a gastronomic break in front of a “guédille”, the towns of Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, Gaspé, Percé, Bonaventure, Carleton-sur-Mer, and many others will remind you that you are in the land of red and blue lobsters. Smiling, welcoming, generous, and indulgent, on your saddle. Experience Gaspésie at the helm of your motorcycle.

    Quebec City on our motorcycle itinerary

    With only 550,000 inhabitants, most of Quebec City can be discovered in a single day on foot, while making sure to include in your itinerary, by motorcycle this time, the Montmorency Falls. Founded in the 17th century by the French explorer Champlain, Quebec City eloquently testifies to the stages of colonization by Europeans. A large majority of the buildings date back to before the 1850s, and on certain streets, you will have the privilege of treading cobblestones nearly 400 years old. The cradle of French civilization in North America, Old Quebec has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985, and it will be difficult for you not to succumb to its charms. Still without using your motorcycle, your walking itinerary will naturally lead you to Rue du Petit Champlain, to Place Royale where Samuel Champlain had established his residence. Finally, you hasten your steps to walk along the Dufferin Terrace and catch a glimpse of the luxurious and majestic Fairmont Le Château Frontenac overlooking the Saint Lawrence River. As you depart the next day, plan on your motorcycle itinerary to cross the Plains of Abraham, a historic and dramatic site where, in September 1759, the last French fell before the citadel passed under English rule.

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    Are you up for a road trip in Canada? Know that at Air Moto Tours, we also organize other motorcycle tours. We create unique itineraries that combine the joy of riding with cultural discovery. So, if you’re interested, head over to our dedicated page for all our trips.

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