Kyushu, my lovely paradise


17 days
– 14 nights


1700 km


14 bkf
– 15 meals


13 days


Starting from 4902 € / pers


Kyushu, my lovely paradise

Presentation and highlights

At the southern tip of the Japanese archipelago lies Kyushu, the gateway to economic and cultural exchanges with its neighboring countries. While it may attract fewer tourists, its palm trees, beaches, and vast volcanic landscapes make this Japanese riviera captivating. If you’re simply curious about Japanese culture without having to contend with crowds, and you enjoy natural spaces and beautiful panoramic roads free of traffic, then this trip will enchant you.

  • Beppu, with its "hellish" hot springs, is a steaming destination that offers a unique experience
  • The numerous scenic routes
  • A moment of reflection in Nagasaki
  • The volcanic nature parks and Sakurajima
  • Traveling around the caldera of Mount Aso
  • Traditional Japanese accommodations
  • The legendary Japanese courtesy
  • A possible stopover in the megalopolis of Tokyo

Extracts from the program

Day 2
Day 4
Day 6
Day 8
Day 12
Day 14
Day 16
DAY 2 – 
Departure from Paris, dinner, night, and breakfast on board. Short stopover in Asia. Arrival the next day, welcome, transfer, and check-in at the hotel. Fukuoka is a beautiful city and living there is very pleasant. We have a little over a day to discover some of its secrets. Motorcycle pickup on day 3, after a good night's sleep, much needed. In a country where driving is on the left, some guidelines will be welcome.
DAY 4 – 
 – 3h30
In the early hours, we start our first rides in Japanese style. By early afternoon, our arrival in Beppu is notably marked by the smell of sulfur and the numerous steam chimneys rising towards the sky. It's impossible to miss the Jigokumeguri, the name given to the eight "hells" due to the spectacular and colorful appearance of the waters, reaching temperatures of nearly 85°C.
DAY 6 – 
 – 4h45
We leave the volcanic heights to find, near Takachiho, the spectacular remnants left by the lava flows. Eroded over time by the Gokase River, the pyroclastic flows have transformed into deep narrow gorges where lush vegetation thrives. We'll indulge in a luxurious overnight stay in the Japanese Riviera of Miyazaki, which proudly displays its palm trees.
DAY 8 – 
 – 3h00
Once again, we alternate between highs and lows. We head towards Kagoshima, one of the southernmost cities in Kyushu. Known for its sunshine and its proximity to the Sakurajima volcano, which constantly emits smoke, it is nicknamed the "Naples of the East." This former feudal city is mostly associated with the last samurai, Takamori Saigo, in Japanese history, and the district where he lived just 150 years ago.
DAY 12 – 
 – 2h30
In the early morning, we discover some of the captivating places from which emerge the sulfurous waters with immense white fumaroles. We leave the "hell of Mount Unzen" for Nagasaki. Like Hiroshima, this city represents a formidable hope and fight for peace in the world. Western, captivating, moving, magical, dazzling, so many qualifiers that encourage the traveler to want to extend their stopover in this charming little town.
DAY 14 – 
 – 4h30
We continue on a few coastal roads before making a stop, in the late morning, in the Japanese capital of luxury ceramics. Depending on the regional schedule, an international hot air balloon gathering will occupy the rest of our day. Near Fukuoka, we spend our stopover in the last Ryokan.
DAY 16 – 
Final expenses, final moments, and it's on this last note that this wonderful journey comes to an end. Departure for a layover in Asia and return to Paris, on the same evening. An extended layover, optionally, can be considered in Tokyo.


Road trip itinerary : 1700 km

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Starting at 4902 € / PERSON


We reserve the plane ticket, motorbike and accommodation. At your own pace, you organize your day.

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We take care of your plane ticket, your motorcycle, your accommodation, your luggage and in the company of our guide, you enjoy every moment of the trip.

Prices & practical information

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The price includes

  • Departure from Paris includes round-trip regular flights and all taxes.
  • Airport reception and transfers.
  • Accommodation in standard and superior categories, based on double occupancy.
  • The specified meals and all local taxes.
  • Sightseeing, tolls, ferries, and planned parking are included, except during free time.
  • A transport pass for the free day in Fukuoka.
  • The rental of a category 1 motorcycle for the defined duration.
  • Administrative procedures for obtaining a Japanese driver's license.
  • Unlimited mileage, fuel, and luggage transport.
  • Supervision by a local French-speaking motorcyclist.
  • Mechanical assistance and comprehensive motorcycle insurance.
  • A travel booklet provided 6 weeks before your departure.

All packages

The price does not include

  • Administrative fees for the stay.
  • Meals and drinks not included (~ lunch 1000 ¥, dinner 1500 ¥).
  • Payment of all or part of the deductible in case of damages.
  • Additional equipment for the rider or passenger.
  • Personal expenses during breaks and free time.
  • Traffic violations, overweight baggage surcharges.
  • Cancellation and travel insurance, which are optional.
  • Anything not explicitly stated in "the price includes".

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Options & insurance

Bike CAT 1 (-1000CC) CAT 2 (+1000CC)
Couple 0 € 432 €
Single 945 € 1590 €
Single room 1791 €
Cancellation insurance 3.0 %
Multi-risk insurance 4.5 %

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On request and under feasibility conditions, participants registering alone can group to avoid the single room supplement.


For foreign citizens (No French), please refer to the authorities of your country for more information.


The prices are applicable on the date of publication of the catalogue, for this season. They are revisable according to the regulations in force. Air Moto Tours reserves the right to cancel the trip or submit for approval, a possible fare adjustment if the minimum number of participants is not reached.

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