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Motorcycling in Japan

A world premiere in 2015!

A project often originates from our daily lives.

Tired of uninspiring rides and unnecessary fuel consumption, it was a group of friends who are bikers and riders, eager to explore distant horizons, who sparked this unprecedented and ambitious project. It seemed crazy and difficult to imagine a destination more complex and farther away than Japan, even though the country is only an 11-hour flight from Paris.

Overcoming language barriers and a culture opposite to what we know was a challenge that no motorcycle travel operator in the world had ever dared to take on.

After more than a year of preparation, on March 28, 2015, during the cherry blossom season, 22 people on 14 motorcycles embarked on a journey on astonishing roads to discover this fabulous imaginary country, Japan.

Upon their return, it took nothing more than their enthusiasm and amazement to convince me of my definitive career change. I love sharing my passion for motorcycle travel, but the trust expressed by the participants was the greatest reward.

With the publication of this new program, I would like to warmly thank all the new riders who, since the beginning of the adventure, have crossed our path or who, year after year, renew their trust in Air Moto Tours.

It started out as a simple matter among friends.


Information about

Your trip

A new experience

Are you eager for something new or about to fulfill one of your distant dreams? Air Moto Tours puts its experience and professionalism at your service. That's why we keep our commitments with the obligation to exceed your expectations.

Group package

If you're more of a chameleon and enjoy sharing life's emotions with your community, or if you're just a follower, let yourself be seduced by the comfort of a group where the number of motorcycles is defined in harmony with the traffic conditions of each country. The thrill of traveling on the motorcycle of your choice will naturally become your only concern.

If you're already in a group with your friends - The hardest part is done. We would be delighted to contribute to the completion of your project within the most appropriate budget. Depending on the destination, adjustments can even be considered. You take no risk by simply consulting us.

Freedom package

If you're more addicted to independence and enjoy unfolding the day at your own pace, this formula will fully satisfy you. Even in Japan, despite the linguistic and cultural barriers, your concerns will be eased, thanks to the presence of a guide if you wish, or simply because of our knowledge of the destination conveyed in your travel diary and accompanied by the GPS route.

Tracks for you

Whether you're a rider, biker, or simply a motorcyclist, traveling by motorcycle, alone, as a couple, or in a group, is within reach for everyone. But traveling with Air Moto Tours guarantees that you'll ride on roads that are typically less traveled, with routes carefully planned kilometer after kilometer. The riding times and distances between stops are reasonable, balanced, and in harmony with the destination, minimizing fatigue.

Schedule of your days

They are all accompanied by one or more activities known in advance. Thus, you are assured of making regular stops to discover a local history or culture without having to ask yourself "what do we do now?". Not only will you have time to immerse yourself at each stop, but also, seamlessly integrated into the day, you won't have to fear arriving late at the accommodation.

In a group, yes, with a bit of freedom too

If the organization of our trips is not left to chance, we also know that the composition of a group can be completely heterogeneous. Freedom is a fundamental element, and that is why moments of individual freedom are arranged throughout the journey. You will then be able, as you wish, to choose between a bit of privacy or joining your other travel companions.

For your budget

A motorcycle trip always involves expenses that can be anticipated in advance. These may include tolls, parking fees, visits, park entrances, fuel, meals, and all these expenses, often overlooked, are unavoidable. Today or tomorrow, they will need to be paid to avoid any inconvenience and to succeed in your road trip. For all our "group packages," you won't have to worry about these additional costs; they are already included in the package offered. This is indeed one of our strengths and our vision on how to manage your budget.

At the end

There's no need to burn hundreds of kilometers per day to ensure the success of a road trip. For us, the essence of a successful journey lies in being able to discover the existence of a life, a culture, a way of thinking different from our daily lives. We magnify the stages, and undoubtedly, freedom, curiosity, and the pleasure of riding, alone or in a group, become the focus of the journey.

Air Moto Tours : Travel Agency

On this page, you will learn more about how Air Moto Tours operates. Our agency specializes in organizing trips for bikers. We decided to embark on this adventure because of our desire for adventure and our curiosity to learn more about the world around us.

Air Moto Tours is the result of a project that successfully brought together biker friends who were tired of uninteresting rides. Despite the 15,000 km separating Paris and Tokyo, it was this destination that Dominique chose to start his adventure with Air Moto Tours. During the first motorcycle road trip in 2015, 22 people on 14 motorcycles embarked on the roads of Japan.

Traveling with Air Moto Tours means discovering fantastic circuits around the globe. Whether you’re an experienced rider or a budding biker, journeys with Air Moto Tours will be within your reach. To minimize fatigue, we prioritize short days and a balanced mix of time spent on the saddle and exploring on foot. Air Moto Tours road trips are opportunities for motorcycle discovery, not physical challenges.

The precise itinerary for each day with Air Moto Tours is known in advance. You have time to soak up the overall ambiance while being spared from boredom or rush. That’s why your road trip includes scheduled stops, breaks, and discoveries already included in your package. Traveling with Air Moto Tours ensures full days and departures and arrivals at your accommodation at times harmonious with the local culture.

With Air Moto Tours, you have easy access to motorcycle trips worldwide. If you’re a fan of Asia, we offer India and Japan, both fantastic countries to explore by motorcycle. For lovers of vast green spaces, Portugal, Canada, and Norway could be appealing destinations. Finally, if you’ve never been to the United States or South Africa, these are must-visit destinations for road trip enthusiasts.

Unlike some practices, we develop our routes ourselves at Air Moto Tours. Every kilometer traveled has its influence, and it’s important to us that you can discover the country on roads that are usually less traveled. Each road should provide you with a unique experience. Don’t embark on the adventure alone; entrust the organization of your motorcycle road trip to professionals who can advise you. Whether in a group or independently, we will be happy to welcome you for an organized road trip that still leaves you plenty of freedom.

Air Moto Tours is present on social media, especially on Facebook. You can share your moments and experiences during your various motorcycle road trips with us. The Air Moto Tours community is made up of passionate bikers who love distant horizons and cultures. Feel free to visit our social media accounts and share your impressions and feedback about our motorcycle travel agency. If you’d like to see some images from our motorcycle tours, check out our YouTube channel.

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